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Offering the highest quality fresh products at the best prices in North Dallas.

Cairo Hookah Lounge has been offering the best Hookah Tobacco products for years. Our merchandise is sold and used in such a high turnover that every that you can always count on getting the freshest smoke available.

Your pleasure is always enhanced when the product is fresh. Come find out what all the buzz in Richardson is about when it comes to our brand name Hookah Tobacco products and top of the line favored Shisha available at Cairo Hookah Lounge.

This shisha slightly smells of tropical candy bubble gum. It is thick and sweet with a fruit accent. It is very well blended so that you will not easliy decide exactly what flavor it is - just that it is good. Check it out at our Richardson Hookah Bar.

Blue Acid

This refreshing orange flavored shisha is as delicious and tasty as it sounds. Imagine popping the top on a crisp fresh tangerine soda and enjoying the cool flavor. This premium tobacco is sure to satisfy.

Exotic Tangerine Dream

Starbuzz Vanilla is probably the smoothest flavor offered. Vanilla is the most used flavor in popular hookah mixes. This one has a real vanilla drink taste to it. Come choose your favorite flavors at our Richardson Hookah Lounge.

Exotic Vanilla

Before you purchase your next order of shisha check to see where it is coming from. Cairo Hookah Lounge offers the freshest products for your smoking pleasure.

Come by our Hookah Lounge in Richardson and find out why more people choose us for quality Hookah Shisha and flavored Hookah Tobaccos.

Cairo Hookah Lounge offers the best Hookah Tobacco on the market today.

Brand Name Quality Shisha

Blue Mist from StarBuzz Tobacco is a refined, one of the smoothest flavors you will ever smoke. A flavor that explodes with thick Tobacco smoke.

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Mint is another flavor that is popular in hookah mixes. This particular flavor tastes of a delicious mint that is not too overpowering. The flavor lasts and stays very consistent. It can also be used in combination with other flavors well.

Mint Colossus

This classic flavor tastes like apple with a hint of the traditional candy apple you might expect. It is subtle and tasty. Expect to find this as one of your favorites as it stimulates your tongue with delicious apple flavor.

Exotic Sweet Apple

Starbuzz pineapple is a dry tasting flavor of pineapple which is not too sweet or overwhelming as one might imagine. Try this if you enjoy tropical or fruit flavors. Grab a bite to eat while you are at our Hookah Cafe.

Exotic Pineapple