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Cairo Hookah Lounge offers Al Fakher tobacco in a wide variety of flavors including grape, rose, apple. Al-Fakher Corporation was established in 1999, as a limited liability private company and is currently owned by a major investment company operating in the Middle East. Al Fakher strives to transform the Middle Eastern Hookah or "Shisha" tradition into a universal phenomenon by producing premium molasses in a wide range of flavors. Over the years Al Fakher was successfully able to expand its markets so that today it has agents operating world wide.

Al Fakher Vanilla Flavour

is great to mix with other flavors to create a personalized new smoking experience. Our Hookah Bar in Richardson has a large selection.


Al Fakher Chocolate Flavour

It is most popular with chocolate lovers. It has the smooth and relaxing taste of chocolate milkshake.


Al Fakher Apple Flavour

Is known as the standard flavor of Molasses tobacco, which is suitable for all types of smokers. Al Fakher Apple delivers a smooth taste of red apples and a rich smoke unrivaled by any other brand of tobacco.


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Brand Name Quality Shisha

Al Fakher Two Apple Flavour

A traditional mix of red and green apple flavors. This flavor of Al Fakher tobacco is enjoyed by experienced smokers and delivers a tasteful and rich smoke.

Richardson AL Fakher Hookah Tobacco | AL Fakher Shisha Richardson

Al Fakher Lemon Flavour

has a distinct citrus taste and is popular among certain smokers. The Lemon flavor is a fresh twist and a step away from the everyday sweet flavors.


Al Fakher Orange Flavour

has a sweet orange taste and a mild citrus aftertaste. This flavor is a popular choice among all types of smokers known for delivering great taste and rich smoke.


Al Fakher Plum Flavour

has a distinct and unusual taste. This flavor has a somewhat sour taste during smoking and a fruity aftertaste making it a popular flavor for all smokers.